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A Java Application Launcher: The Limn3 Application Loader

In order to develop the fourth version of ViPER-GT, we created a system that loads java beans into a single application framework using a complicated RDF description of the application. It isn't terrifically high-level, it is brittle, and the whole project might yet be scrapped, but I think the idea is pretty interesting. As more tools are developed to support n3, and APIs to access RDF become more mature, I expect the AppLoader to become more useful and less opaque.

If you wish to access the source code, download the "Full" package from the latest release of ViPER. The code is in the apploader subdirectory. I recommend eclipse; the project is already set up. If anyone wishes for me to create a seperate package, send an RFE to sourceforge or drop a message to our google group.

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